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LSA members Latest News

London Stedfast Association Brass Band/ Concert Orchestra

This year has been a busy and interesting year for the Orchestra. Like many organisations like ours recruitment is a constant item for attention. The orchestra is largely based on families of adults and young people. This means that you recruit four or five and when they move on you lose four or five.

The current need is for Cornet, Trumpet, clarinet and flute. Any members who play these and other instruments are also welcome.

In the past year we have done charity concerts for CLIC Sargent, various church services, Lordship Land Baptist Church outreach, and at Rye Lane Baptist Church Easter Event and Demelza Childrenís Hospice. Raising much needed funds for all. We also had the privilege to play at a promenade concert in Chandlerís Ford with our friends from the 1st Chandlerís Ford BB Brass Band. We are also grateful to them for the many time they have come to London to augment our numbers.

We would also welcome interest in either attending or playing from members of the LSA

Dennis D Hawkes BA(Ed)Hons B Mus ALCM FCV CTVCM HonVCM LTCL Dip Theo.


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